Listening ridiculous number of times to same recording.

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Listening ridiculous number of times to same recording.


I remember seeing a documentary about the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca getting a hold of a phonograph in the 1930s and a record of some Bach, and listening to it ad nauseam, like, over and over again, practically incessantly. You can imagine, at the timem he probably didn't have many recordings to choose from either, so in many ways he was forced into that mode of listening.

Nowadays however, with so much music and recordings, it's much harder to do this, mainly because something will come among and distract us. Nevertheless I think it might still occur, especially when we think we've found something that is so good, we're able to shut out all distractions. And of course that we have the time to do it.

So, maybe it's been asked before but ... I was interested in hearing of occasions when forum members have listened to something a ridiculous numbers of times over and over.


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