Are you a mood reader? Reading moods

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Are you a mood reader? Reading moods

Hello Guys,

Are you a mood reader? Do you have to be in a certain mood to read certain books? Or do you have a list of books to read and read them in order? Do you make a TBR for the month perhaps (a lot of people on BookTube do this)? Or do you read what mood strikes you?

I am a mood reader. I read a variety of genres and for a variety of age ranges. I really have to be in the mood for a certain genre or a certain type of book or I won't enjoy reading it very much. Sometimes I feel in the mood for a specific genre. Sometimes I feel in the mood for a lot of books and it's hard to decide. Sometimes I feel in the mood for only a specific book or a specific author. And usually after I finish one book, I then feel in the mood for another type of book or a book of another genre.

When I go to the library, I do get a certain stack of books that I then try to finish before they're due. Sometimes I find myself no longer in the mood for a few of the books I loaned, once I've read most of my loans. I'm currently in the "I don't want to read at all" mood, unfortunately (which is a whole other story). So I probably won't get around to reading those last loans (it's a shame but I don't want to force myself).

Some mood readers read multiple books at once, so they can read what they are in the mood for that specific moment. That doesn't work for me, I can only really read one book at once. I have tried in the past to read more than one book, but it usually ends up with me picking one book over another and just finishing off that book first. Gladly usually my reading moods last the course of a book. It's harder with series, sometimes I intend to read a series in one go or with only a few books in between, to then find I'm no longer in the mood for the series right now. It took me two months to get around to reading City of Glass, book 3 in The Mortal Instruments series (since reading book 2). But if I leave it too long, I'll have forgot what happened in the previous book(s) of the series (unless it's a children's series where it doesn't matter much and each book is a standalone story).


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