And so I am heading to england.

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And so I am heading to england.

And so I am heading to England, for the first time in Europe.

It will be my wife's grandma's 80th birthday, she is one of 7 kids, had 8 of her own, who in turn had 21, plus 12.

In all they have 175 RSVP s from just the family. Including the American branch,(6 showing up) (my wife's mother is a British national) we a will be spend most the time in Lancashire, where will nightly descend on the pubs like locusts.

But, I have two days to myse of to do with what I want. So now the debate is on, what to do. Scotland, Wales, London, isle of man, or turn it into work and have my malt vendor show me around maltsters and the best of breweries.

Suggestions. Please

Thank You!!!

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