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I guess we are lucky in the Netherlands to have quite a few - relatively small but independant - record companies that take great care and pride in the quality of their dsd and pcm recordings. Channel Classics is a company well known to our members and I have praised their - only dsd 64 - recordings in the past in another thread I started on WBF. You can find their - almost only classical.
Recently I rediscovered the topic of this thread, Challenge Classics. It was a rediscovery for me because in the past I bought quite a few Turtle Records (sa)cd's. Some of these Turtle Record (sa)cd's were quite famous for their lifelike and high quality recordings. Some of you might remember recordings of many years ago like Op of Tony Overwater, Prokofievs Romeo & Juliet by Carrefour and various Franz Liszt piano recordings by Yoram Ish-Hurwitz. Now you might raise the question: what has Turtle Records to do with Challenge Classics? Well, if you you can find some dsd 64 downloads of these old Turtle recordings. Bert van der Wolf of Northstar Recording was the driving force behind the old Turtle Records (sa)cd's but is also the driving force behind the current Challenge Classics recordings.

About Me: I have worked with multiple firms
You can check 3D animated videos, one of my work.

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